Item #: RSC-[The whole number (‘whole’ by the definition provided by the principles of mathematical disambiguation; that is, it is a natural integer, and is not negative) higher than the number 112 and smaller than the number 114, while not possessing any decimals (as it is an integer (again, not negative (Note: This time it isn’t defined by the principles of mathematical disambiguation, but rather by general mathematics))).]113

Threat Level: Green , as is classified by our("our" referring to the RSC Foundation, rather than myself as an individual. If I were talking about myself as an individual, I would use "my", rather than "our", as a pronoun) current classifications of Green/Yellow/Red as threat levels. It is of note that some opposition of this system has been voiced by some of our(again, the RSC Foundation. I am not using the word "our" to mean "my", as I am an individual, so I would be more likely to use "my" when talking about myself, specifically) personnel, most notably Dr. [REDACTED], who has made mention several times, both formally and informally, of the various deficits pertaining to this system, as it is. The most notable discrepancy would be the inconsistency the Green/Yellow/Red classification method is applied by our (the RSC Foundation) personnel, and the lack of information that is legitimately conveyed by such labels. For instance, [REDACTED].

Description: It's a squirrel that makes you talk a lot. (The RSC wasn't around when I was writing this part)

Behavior: RSC-(see Item #)113 is often seen consuming nuts, because it is sciurine. In other words, it is a squirrel. Said nuts include Prunus dulcis(almond nuts) and Anacardium occidentale(cashews).

Special Containment Procedures: RSC-133 is to be contained in (of note, the containment procedures have been formulated by Dr. [REDACTED], and revised in conjunction with Dr. [REDACTED] as of [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2017) what is effectively a practically infinite recompilation of circles. Not spheres, I should say, but rather if a circle, in the second dimension, with a diameter of 4 meters, was laid on top of another two-dimensional circle, and this continued until a third-dimension was formed, granting this array length, width, and depth, and the length of this this compilation was, after the 4 meter diameter of said circles, 6 meters. A cylinder. Inside of this cell, a tree has been planted, along with what is known as a traditional herbaceous border, which is one of the larger and grandiose (‘grandiose’, defined as “impressive or magnificent in appearance or style, especially pretentiously so.”) type of feature you could expect to see in large country-house gardens (these are often backed by a yew hedge or high stone wall and packed with summer-flowering perennials, although in the case of the special containment procedures for RSC-113 (for more in-depth analysis of RSC-113's item number (#), see ‘Item #:’, above.), it is not.).

So as to provide a comfortable chamber for RSC-133 (again, see ‘Item #:’), (it is of note, that, as is the G/Y/R (Green/Yellow/Red) containment system, the Level 1-Level 5 security system in place is also under scrutiny by , for being too ungranular for legitimate security in our (the RSC Foundation) organization.), per the authorization by O38 Council, as of [REDACTED]/[REDACTED]/2017, unnecessarily unpleasant conditions have been avoided.


O38 Council have declared that researchers affected by RSC-113 are not to attend to documentation of any kind until all symptoms of exposure are completely absent. Thank God.